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#339735 Fishing for crappie

Posted by Bowie on 20 April 2017 - 04:09 PM

I'm itching to try fishing for crappie but I've never really gone when most fish are out of season.  I'd like to fish around Prince Edward County- what are the rules in this instance, especially if I were to hook into a fish that's OOS?


From the regs:


Open Seasons – Fishing season opening and closing dates vary depending on the species and the area. Dates are inclusive: all dates including the first and last dates stated in the summary are open or closed. It is illegal to attempt to catch fish for which the season is closed, even if you are going to release them. Fish accidentally caught during the closed season must be immediately released back to the water. Unless stated otherwise, species that are not listed (such as sucker and Rock Bass) have a year-round open season.


Immediate Release of FishAll fish that are caught unlawfully or are illegal to possess (e.g., during the closed season, of prohibited size, or are in excess of the catch and possession limits) must be immediately released at the place and time of capture. This includes fish that may be injured during catch. This rule does not apply to invasive species like goby which should be destroyed and not released back into any waters (see General Prohibitions).

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#335479 Microfishing IDs

Posted by Bowie on 22 August 2016 - 04:14 PM

That's a neat idea, I think I'll try to see how many species I can pull out of the local creek. I have some really small hooks that should do the job.

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