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Zone 16 Regulations - Thames River is a fish sanctuary Mar 15 - 2nd sat in May?

20 March 2019 - 07:18 PM

Hoping someone else can clarify this for me as what I'm reading seems pretty ridiculous. Let me try to break it down.


So walleye is closed right now as it has been for years. Now I'm reading that the whole Thames river is a fish sanctuary besides for rainbow and browns in the North Thames River (main branch only). It reads the following:


NO FISHING - MARCH 15 - FRIDAY BEFORE THE SECOND SATURDAY IN MAY - see water body exceptions for details (the exceptions are for rainbow and browns, north main branch only).


What about people that fish for carp, suckers, catfish etc. This seems crazy that the whole Thames is closed except the North branch for rainbow and browns. I need to call and figure this out. Really wanted to try for channel cats this spring.


Am I reading this right? Need a second pair of eyes to go over the regs.