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lost rod, tommy thompson park

31 July 2016 - 09:51 PM

Heading out to do some fishing this evening, I noticed that we'd left my son's rod in Tommy Thompson park in Toronto yesterday. I raced back to find it, no luck.

It's a lightweight ~6' two-piece rod. It's an indigo/blue color without any branding or details whatever. We left it behind because I was speaking with another angler while packing the things by the bikes and my eight year old had packed the rod where he'd been standing.

I'll try again during the park's open hours, but I'm posting here because it has some sentimental value as my son "earned" it through a year's Japanese study program. The rod was left in what's an increasingly popular fishing spot, along the new outer sandbar that encloses "Embayment D". If anyone on this board by some chance picked it up, or knows anyone who's fishing in the park in the evenings, we'd be delighted to have the rod back.


is this a chain pickerel (caught in Toronto)

05 June 2016 - 03:41 PM

Hi, everyone. I caught this fish at the marina at Ashbridges Bay last year (September 20). I took it for a pike until reading some references to the "chain pickerel" (esox niger) having arrived in eastern lake Ontario in ~2008. Could this be one? I note that it seems to have the required eight pores along the jaw, as well as scales covering the gill cover. I can also attest that it was the slimiest fish I've ever handled.


At the time, I thought it was a slightly undersized pike and returned it to the water despite the obvious bleeding*. I had heard of the chain pickerel but had no idea that the chain pickerel was in Ontario. I still haven't found any reference to them being found in Toronto.




*I've since taken treble hooks off of my lures, and clipped the barbs on the few where the couldn't be removed without destroying the lure's action.