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In Topic: Kayak Fishing

Today, 01:02 AM

We do set out at the first shimmer of light on the big pond. It is usually flat in the morning. Sometimes light rollers. I pack it in once wind hits about 25kmh. That's usually about when the waves start to really brake and the white caps begin to show their ugly face.


There are 6 major scupper holes through the hull of the Hobie Pro Angler series yaks. As long as you take the wave from the front or the back, any and all water rushes in and out just as fast. I'm not going to say they are unsinkable, but they are meant for big water. I took wake from an ocean liner one day. I thought for sure that I was about to go under when I seen it coming. I pointed the bow into it, and was completely engulfed. However, just as fast the water was gone.... I was wet but floating with zero water in the hull.


You cannot put a price on safety. I have invested a lot not only to ensure I catch fish, but also to ensure I make it home safe to see my little girls for another day.

In Topic: Transporting kayaks in trucks?

Yesterday, 02:17 PM

Lift up the bow and set it on the back of the SUV. Go around to the other end of the yak. Pick it up and slide it down the roof rack to the front of the car.... its heavy but it works.

In Topic: Kayak Fishing

Yesterday, 02:06 PM

Lol us yakers have this conversation alot.... i prefer the yak. No trailer, no insurance, additional fees, tickets or licenses. Storage is a minimum and this thing is out there with the charters wreckin kings. I can take this where motor boats are not allowed and it fits on my car. I wouldnt have it any other way to be honest. Us guys that do this are there for the feeling and you dont get that feeling when the boat drags the fish..... the fish drags you on a yak. Its about the rush.... ive just ensured the rush happens. I get er all on vid... check it out.


In Topic: new to forum

Yesterday, 05:31 AM

Take that yak out on the big pond once it gets warmer. Nothing like a King burning drag pulling you around like you are the bobber. Good times and so much fun. Come April, I'll be back out there on mine.

In Topic: Hey from oakville

Yesterday, 02:05 AM

Hey Josh, Do you kayak fish by any chance? I start Kayaking Lake Ontario in your area come spring time. Safety in numbers. It's always nice to have more people out there. Getting them out in deep water on a small craft will amaze you.