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When you get rid of the skunk following you around.

07 May 2019 - 12:44 PM

3/3 all live release.


I was surprised they were still around but when you have the day free and it's perfect conditions you just go right.


I spotted three boils during the day while walking the river and each time I sneak up behind some cover and cast a spinner and it goes BOOM!. The first fish of the year I though was a twig (rusty) until the line went ZZZZZZZ.


No net because I was not really expecting to catch monsters and fishing solo so had to let the first go with pliers right in the water. No worries there going back anyways.


The second I had to get a pix so there I am balancing so I don't fall in trying to work the phone while rushing to get the fish back asap. Could have done a better job for Mr steel but he swam off fine so better to be alive and a little muddy.




First scouting trip

06 March 2019 - 05:03 PM

Went out to just have a look and its still frozen solid.


This year is way behind last year.








Always have all your documents because the OPP is doing a blitz on the water.

21 August 2018 - 03:26 PM

Saturday night 10:30 PM floating in the dark jigging for some Walley when a boat keeps getting closer and closer then I hear lines out of the water and they come up beside my boat and it starts.


Two RCMP officers want to see my boaters card - Check.



They want to see our fishing licenses - Check.


They want to see all the boat safety gear - Check.


They give me a breathalyzer - Pass.




They want to see my fish but I told them I don't keep fish, I think they had a hard time believing that because I'm hard core and was out that late. They asked about 4 times to see the live well - don't have one, see my fish string - Don't keep fish. 


Then they searched the boat opened all the compartments asked the same questions 2-3 times and after 30 min and all being in order they left. I'm sure they thought they had a bust.


The empties didn't help matters but I keep the garbage and recycling on the boat rather than in camp.


Always have everything you need to be legal even in the middle of the night when you think no one is around because it's nervous going through that and it helps when they ask for something and you just have it to hand over.


Over all they were pretty nice and it was good to see they were looking for poacher and enforcing the fire ban.


Too many SM to count a couple nice pike 35+" and one Walley around 16" (at night).


And don't forget your hat because I'm a red lobster this week with raccoon eyes.