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Is highway 60 in Algonquin Park that Bad?

17 January 2018 - 12:15 PM

Hi everyone, I am planning a trip to Algonquin Park sometime in June Or May this year. I've been researching for days but now and starring at Jeff's map of Algonquin for days, now all thats left is one question. Is the fishing around Highway 60 actually that hopeless when targeting brookies? Every corner of the internet is saying that in order to catch a brookie there you have to canoe 1-2 days into the bush for that. But a mission like that would be dangerous for me since I have never really done something like that before and barely have a lot of canoeing experience as it is. Plus I have a tear in my left shoulder so I cant push it like crazy. I however have nothing against portaging to spot as long as its not too far away that i have to stay overnight there. Please don't try to pressure me into portaging overnight I've made up my mind. I have read on a former forum that the big lakes are empty but the smaller ones around the highway hold some trout. I am not looking for names of the lakes, I just want to know how the fishing was for those of you who have tried the small lakes and ponds around highway during spring. Were you helplessly skunked? What species did you catch there? How heavily fished are these areas, really? Did the spots look almost never travelled? Also should I be focusing my efforts more on the creeks around the highway rather than the lakes due if theres better fishing there? If you have a creek spot please DM me. Thank You all for your help. I will attach Jeffs map for you all. 



Fishing Jones Creek Brantford behind Brantwood Famrs

16 October 2017 - 03:19 AM

Hi. I am trying to research a spot as always but I have no zero experiences for this creek, so I am asking this forum as a last ditch effort. There is a small creek behind Brantwood farms called Jones Creek which is part of the Fairchild Creek watershed. According to the GRCA there is a population of brownies there. I am planning to target brownies there next year a lot because this spot would be convenient for me due to my travels. Has anyone ever fished there? How was it? is the creek accessible or is the bush blocking all casting spots? Could I walk in the creek? Let me jog your memory of how to get there there's a road/trail past the store which takes you last the home and then the fields which leads to the woods at the back of the property where the trout are. Have just caught my first brown a few weeks ago as a surprise so it will be fun to target them on purpose next year. I know this is early but I am so hyped! Any actual help you could give would be great.

Im curious for a scientific answer on the realitity of sewer fishing

04 September 2017 - 11:44 PM

Hi everyone, I have tried to find an answer for this online and the truth is that I got zero results. I heard that it's actually illegal here in Ontario to lift up a sewer drain, (catch basin) but my searches on google have not been able to prove that. This is something that I have always been curious about due to the viral sewer fishing videos in the states. So let's try to come up with some answers because we could have hidden creeks right under our feet, so as fisherman it's our duty to investigate right? That being said I have a few questions I'm hoping you smart guys and girls can answer.

LAWS .Most people don't know that the catch basins (street square sewer drains) are not bolted to the ground, they are just very heavy. As said earlier is it illegal to lift these things? I would think its okay because sometimes the public might want to clean them so thus no law. But if there is a law then that would also make sense because that's what the city workers would get paid for. I looked up this on the Brantford website and yes these storm drainage water sewers are connected to waterways, for brantford anyways.

SURVIVAL. Most of these videos in the states have the sewers connected to a pond or River, the rain drainage goes into the spot like a creek. So that's why and how the fish are in the sewers it seems. For example the fish whisperer you tuber has said the same thing about his sewer fishing videos. Would perhaps the temperature be too cold in the creeks for warm water species? Would there be a lack of light that fish would hate? Or would the fish never have any interest in going in these creeks due to a lack of food, other than maybe instinct to spawn in a creek? I want some facts for this urban legend because crazy crap Ike crap like this has always given me thrills and awe.

EXPERINCE? If anyone has actually gotten brave enough to test this out please don't be shy in saying so. Any help in this area would be nice before the curiosity kills me and I go around causing a spectacle searching the sewers for fish 😂😂