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What depth are the summer bass??

16 August 2016 - 10:29 AM

So im having a heck of a time finding the fish. Last two weekends im lucky to leave the lake with 1-2 fish making it in the boat. Spring time was a mean trick that taught me catching fish is easy haha.


My tactics so far are top water lures in the morning and late evening. During the day i use spinners, spin baits and swim jigs.


I troll the shore lines and cast right into the shallows and retrieve back to the boat, I never go deeper than 5 feet of water. The reason for this is, i cant see structure or cover if i go deep so where do i cast? I love drop shotting but never know where to cast!!! Should i just try casts at 20 feet? 10 feet?


I have a tackle box of rubbers and lures and dont know where to cast them!!! anyone have any tips?! (p.s i live in southern Ontario)