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Posted by ApacheFishingVentures on 06 October 2016 - 07:34 AM

Hey there folks,


My Name is Logan,


I've been fishing for my whole life and in the last few years came to be addicted to fly fishing and having moved around Ontario lots, this forum has helped me learn as much as I can and point me in the right direction every time I move somewhere new.


Up to this point I have been a silent observer on this forum because I felt I had nothing to contribute, but I now realize what makes this forum great is that everyone has a little bit of info about things here and there and all the collected info together is what makes this such a fantastic resource and I really would love to contribute as much as I can. So along with my catches, I will try to post anything helpful that I can think of and if anyone has any questions whatsoever, feel free to PM me. Curious about a fly i ties? Send me a PM and the recipe is yours. Curious about an area I fish? Gimme a shout and maybe we can fish it together. I'm here to help as much as this forum has helped me, so let's get our lines wet and share our passion.


Ps. I will be using this forum mostly for information and fly sharing, so if you want to keep up with my fishing, go follow ApacheFishingVentures on instagram

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