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Towing question for a 16 ft aluminum

01 July 2017 - 09:29 PM

So im currently towing my 16ft tracker pro deep with a subaru forester 2.5L. It works and does the job but it does struggle. So im looking for upgrade my vehicle to something that has some more balls to it but not go out and buy a V8.. does anyone know the weight of these trackers or could give me an estimate of what they think it could be; 16 ft tracker pro deep v side console, 75 mariner, 3 batteries, 65lb trolling motor... vehicles im looking to upgrade are 2003-2006 jeep liberty renegade, 2004 dodge dakota v6. looking to buy used not new, if anyone has any suggestion for affordable towing that would be great..

West Arm Lake Nipissing

12 January 2017 - 12:16 AM

Hello Ontario fishing forum,

Im looking for someone who can shed some light on the nipissing fishery. Hopefully someone who has stayed at one of if not all of the lodges there. From what i can tell there is 3, Lakair, West arm lodge, and Mashkinonje lodge. My father is turning 50 and he wants to do a trip to nipissing for largies smallies and pike for the most part. Just curious as to which areas of nipissing we should be looking at and what lodge would be best.