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Big Butthead

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Saskatchewan Angler

18 February 2017 - 08:25 PM

Hello all.  Moved to Saskatchewan in 1988 from the Ottawa valley.  My fondest memories is hand line fishing for brown catfish with my dad on the Ottawa river (landing the odd eel) and for pickerel below the Rideau falls.  Even though we have an excellent fishery here in Saskatchewan, I miss the fish variety that Ontario offers.  My fishing partners these days are my 3 grandchildren.  On a regular work week, my boat is in the water 1 to 3 times a week.


Joining this forum to meet like-minded people and re-familiarize myself with Ontario fishing opportunities as I'm planning a 7 week fishing trip across Ontario this summer.


I've taken the "Big Butthead" name cause it's my young grandson's way of describing the big size Northerns he regularly lands into the boat. Oh! and about that 51"er in the picture, my 11 yr old grandson caught it, he took the picture as it was to big for him to hold on to it. 


Looking forward to exchanging ideas and fish stories.  Anyone planning to come fishing Saskatchewan waters are welcome to contact me.

Bucket List Trip

18 February 2017 - 07:21 PM

Looking for guidance and tips as I plan to tick some items off my bucket list this summer.  I've driven the Saskatchewan/Ottawa trek a dozen times since 1988, but never had the opportunity to stop, fish and enjoy the scenery (every time I drove, I promised myself I'd be back). Well that time has come.  I'm taking 7 weeks off work, leaving Saskatchewan August long weekend with my boat hitched to the truck, returning 3rd week in September. 


With the help of Google Earth and the web, I've come up with a tentative schedule.  Trip being split in 3 segments: 1. Two weeks from Saskatchewan to Ottawa. 2. Two weeks in the Ottawa valley area and 3. Three weeks return to Saskatchewan.  Musts stops along the way and back, LOTW, lake Superior and Georgian Bay (so yes, will be using Hwy 17).  If there are must fish gems out there, I have no problem driving an hour off the TransCanada to reach the destination (when you live in Saskatchewan, driving long distances is the norm) :cool: .  My only limitation is I need a decent boat launch to put my boat in the water.


My goal is landing a trophy musky, a long nose gar and see how many other species I can bring into the boat in that time period.

I'm open to all suggestions.   I thank you all.