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In Topic: A revolution in Rod component layout & design

09 February 2019 - 11:32 AM

I've tried them just to see if they bring anything extra to a rod than a KR Concept guides system and find out that the only extra thing was extra weight. In my opinion, they were design to achieve the same performance as a KR concept system but in a slightly different way and with less headache for the rod builder while placing them. For a beginner in rod building, they are a more convenient option but , for an experienced one, in my opinion Fuji's system is better because it is more flexible in design with less weight. Specially when you build finesse jigging rods for walleye and crappie I find Microwave to be too big and too heavy for the job.
The only threat to Fuji's supremacy when we talk about guides, in my opinion might be the similar system offered by Seaguide which have better pricing and a wider range of frame -insert combinations. I said might be because I am about to test some soon so don't really know the quality yet.

Very interesting,
Like I said I've only cast them a couple times, I've never had a chance to fish with them.
Mostly I'm building. Offshore, Surf and 8' - 9' Shore Rods.
Spinning & Conventional Rods (Conventional is like a really beefed up Leverdrag bait casting Rod for you bass guys)
Conventionals (baitcasters) are all being requested Spiral Wrapped now
Offshore Rods I've been using ATC: Virtus, RingLock. W/NanoLite or DuraLite, Rings.

Jaws Rod Blanks: I believe they make lite weight finesse Blanks,
Carbon Fiber, Rod Blanks W/Nano Silica Resin,
are not new but the Carbon Nano rods are quite amazing.
Look up the strength tests on n YouTube!

Look into Aventik Carbon Nano Blanks.
I built a 14' 10/11 weight for a guy, fly fishing for big Tarpon & Sailfish in the keys.
I'm not a fly fisherman, But he says its lite & he likes it.

Thanks for the info about microwave guides.

I don't build finesse Rods cause I import Japanese carbon nano finesse rods.
It wouldn't serve my purpose to not use what I'm selling.
I couldn't build them much if any cheaper myself.

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In Topic: A revolution in Rod component layout & design

15 January 2019 - 11:15 PM

If done correctly, Yes that absolutely true,

So many people don't understand the details,

(Even to the extent of winding line on their reels backwards & telling you
Your nuts it doesn't matter the coiling line will always happen) LOL

Have you tried ATC Microwave ?
I've built a few light inshore rods or Freshwater weight rods for people,
I'm so far impressed with the smoothness & distance of the cast.
Having only cast them a few times while handing the new Rod to the new owner.
I've not built any to keep for myself yet
They've made a saltwater edition for offshore I'm thinking about purchasing & building a new Topwater Popper Rod from,
Mainly because I'd like to try them in a heavy tackle situation.

They do make conventional Baitcasting guides also but never built any,
Jigging & Baitcasting Rods are much better wrapped with a spiral wrapped guide system Frehwater or Saltwater.
Are you familiar with spiral wrapping your Jigging, Casting & Baitcasting Rods ?
It almost eliminates torsional issues, much easier on the wrist with large fish

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In Topic: Salmon lures

11 November 2018 - 12:50 PM

I have a very simple solution stop snagging Salmon !
Everyone can easily solve the snagging issue If they really wanted to !!!

Other than the smallest size being size #8 which isn't huge.
How about switching to "Circle Hooks" ???

I use Circle Hooks exclusively when fishing live or cut bait !
Just hook it through the knot on your roe sack leaving the hook exposed ?
Yes leave Circle Hooks exposed !

My exceptions to Circle Hooks is.
Offshore trolling with skirted lures, I use Mustad 7691s J-Hooks.
Also I'll switch out trebles on my trolling spoons & lures to single or double hooks

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In Topic: Salmon lures

14 October 2018 - 12:11 PM

I was fishing a big pool this weekend that I couldn't see bottom in. I was drifting worms and 90% swallowed the worm. That's a pretty good floss not being able too see em and getting that hook buried at the back of their tongue lol. Also caught some creek chub and floated those through the pool. Salmon hit so hard there wasn't much creek chub left after pulling em in. But if salmon don't hit then those creek chub are dumb as fu*k and swimming right down their throats. :mrgreen:
I got tons of video float fishing in real dirty water. About 1" visibility. Clearly being able to see the float rocket down and when landing the fish everyone of em had taken the dew worm right down.
I am in no way saying that salmon don't get snagged. They do and it does happen to me. But I also have plenty of proof of them crushing worms, beads and creek chub..... Creek chub out of aggression. The beads due to their natural drive to kill other "competing genetics".... as for the worms. They definitely pounding those.
Agreeing with big Ugly here.

I agree
You've payed attention over the years, your mostly catching & know how to catch.
Most people are fishing & have to snag to catch !

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In Topic: Salmon lures

14 October 2018 - 12:06 PM

If you don't want to snag salmon then I would avoid both of those spots and fish off the piers instead. I know I'm going to get flamed big time for saying this but the truth is that at least 90% of the salmon caught upstream in rivers are snagged, intentionally or otherwise. Not all, but at least 90%. Even fish hooked "in the mouth" usually just get the line caught in their teeth as it drifts by, or they swim into it. Some guys say it's in the mouth so its legit, but they're full of crap. Anyone can hook a fish around the mouth by drifting the line into its face. It's still snagging.
Try casting big Mepps spinners or Kwikfish off the piers at the river mouths. Still lots of fish in the lake, and those ones are still hitting. They fight hard and they're not going to be snagged.
If you really want to fish in the river, try using small Kwikfish or something similar. Drifting anything usually means you line (snag) most of the fish. BRMZ is right, using a float makes it less snag prone, but it will still happen.
Okay snaggers, flame away. I don't care, we both know the truth.

LOL Your Right !
Butt don't forget all those Bassholes,
Hookset Happy Snaggers fishing Bass,

Appropriately known as Bassholes.
But they sure Look Cool !
They think there impressing people by making a Basshole of themselves & hooking
everybody & everything around them with flying treble hooks.

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