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In Topic: Can anyone recommend a 10lb and 30lb fishing line?

10 April 2020 - 10:05 PM

I buy this at Walmart $2.70us

Real Magic, at Bass Pro “smaller volume” $7.00us


im sure Walmart Canada sells it.


use on Rod Guides, Saturate Reels, Line, Lures, Hooks from rusting, Keeps Plastics fresh “non sticky or dry”


Tight Lines


In Topic: Can anyone recommend a 10lb and 30lb fishing line?

10 April 2020 - 09:22 PM

Hello Ti,


My Old Friend how are You ?

hope your staying healthy !


I actually agree with you,

NO, Tarpon, Tuna or Wahoo in Ontario ditches


“the billfish can’t turn around in narrow ditches”


Soaking spool in a bucket of water helps,

except loose line doesn’t magically tighten around your spool


couple springs ago my friend respooled his reel himself, soaked it & packed it away till next fall

next fall he tells me he just respooled this reel,

I immediately checked it & the spool of line was really soft, not hard packed at all.


he cast out a line on a drift, after about 150ft of line out everything else came out crimped,LOL

We couldn’t figure it out until we realized it was brand new line & remembered what he did last spring.


the packed line drying out crimped as it  shrunk LOL


no big deal, We drove & unspooled his line, 

then he reeled line back in while driving, this tightened up everything for him,

except his spool was only 3/4 full, LOL


had he pre wet the bulk spool this wouldn’t have happened.

Now he gets me to spool his reels with my line winder,


Elastics you say !

I use elastics for rigging offshore bait regularly 



When Covid 19 ends we gotta go fishing together


Tight Lines


In Topic: Can anyone recommend a 10lb and 30lb fishing line?

10 April 2020 - 11:54 AM

I've already wasted 30 or 40 bucks just trying to get some gear together for the rest of this season. I tried Berkley Big Game fishing line, and I realize now that I would need to use a baitcaster for heavy line like that. The thing I didn't like about the Berkley line is that when I put it on my reel, after I had it all set up as soon as I opened the bail, due to the stiffness of the fishing line it kind of puffed outwards and flew right back off my reel. 100% of the line I put on just flew right off. I think this line is crap, I wouldn't recommend it even if you were using a baitcaster. Also, I bought some 30lb Spiderwire, but I failed to read the description on the packaging before I bought it and I am not looking for a line that is made to sink like flourocarbon.

Does anyone know of a 10lb line that they've used that works well for a spinning reel? Also can anyone recommend a good 30lb test line that they know works that I could use on a baitcaster to switch out when I'm fishing in a good spot for larger fish? I'm not worried about price, I'm willing to spend probably 15-20 bucks if I have to on the 10lb, and 20-30 bucks for the 30 lb. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.



You spooled your line improperly 

if you don’t spool STIFF monofilament/flourocarbon properly, It will spiral/twist as you spool it on

when you cast if your lucky enough to get your bail closed then open without unspooling

it will spiral out as you cast

Letting the spool bounce around the floor as you wind line on your spool is Wrong !

if you don’t have a line spooler,

You need to secure the bulk spool on its end so line comes of the top in counter clockwise direction.

This will allow the line to wind onto your spool in the clockwise direction as your bail 

winds around your spool without twisting the line.


you'll find video & explanation on YouTube “proper monofilament spooling” or something like that ?


the simplest solution is to dump the ancient outdated “except for Old Dogs that can’t be taught new tricks” Monofilament.


spool up with PE braid

spinning reel, 8lb or 10lb braided,

baitcaster reel, 40lb, or 50lb braided line ?


50lb braid = 12lb monofilament diameter.


wet down the braid on your bulk spool with water or silicone spray/Reel Magic, first couple time out to break in line

this will avoid wind knots,


tie on a 10 to 20’ monofilament shock leader w/ PR knot, FG knot or Albright knot,

you’re monofilament line floats, 

if you want a sinking line use fluorocarbon leader instead of mono

(don’t use uni to uni with mono or flouro) you’ll ruin the Guides on cheap rods, ie Walmart/Crapy Tire, rod & reel combos

Rods less than $150 rod only without reel have Cheap Guides

uni to uni knot constantly going through your guides will eventually ruin guide inserts


go on eBay lookup

“Ashconfish” 8 strand PE braided line, lots of colours & metered multi colour depth counter 

its very good quality braided line 100m, 300m, 500m, 1000m & 2000m rolls

they also have 16 strand hollow core, You can splice & serve your leader line into for knotless wind on leaders,


(Ti Ridux is gonna love this part, he thinks Im an inshore Everglades fisherman) !

I’m using blue 16 strand hollow core on all my 5 big game Spinning Rigs, 40lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb & 130lb

40lb for Tarpon/Black Fin/Wahoo and up 130lb for Blue Fin/Yellow Fin/GT’s

dont buy 4 strand when 8 strand is so cheap 4 strand isn’t very smooth regardless of brand 

ive been using this inexpensive Ashconfish brand for over 5 years, I fish hard & never had an issue

Yes colour will fade, its braid just peel of faded or damaged line cut & with the extra line on your bulk spool

uni to uni some fresh 8 strand or splice 16 strand line as needed to top up your spool.


wetting down the bulk PE Braid spool before spooling reels will help keep a very tight line pack while spooling reels

Saturate Braid filled reel spool with CRC Silicone spray after spooling (Walmart automotive section, white can red writing)


tight Lines