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#344064 Does pouring your own jigs save you money in the long run?

Posted by Tubetrax on 17 August 2018 - 09:25 AM

I have a lifetime membership of IGFA
Upon reconsideration of my reply to helping somebody on this post
I've deleted all info for making lead weights.

I ask everybody quoting my post with info for making lead jigs/weights.
To please delete the contact information.

Refer to my tungsten thread.

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#344040 New bass lures to give a try

Posted by Tubetrax on 13 August 2018 - 04:06 PM

Yeah, I love topwater, my personal favorite is a wake bait early morning, I also use poppers from time to time. I've never tried twitch baits, so I'll be sure to check them out, especially the jointed ones, I have usually shied away from them, but I'll give them a try for sure, thanks for your response!

Wake baits work similar to poppers, you'll like them.

Yes the Jointed Suspending Twitich Baits you can really get creative with
A quick twitch, then push your rod tip forward quickly to give instant line slack
The bait will turn 180 degrees for you facing opposite direction

Also try out buzz baits, they’re fantastic early morning as well with watermelon yum dinger or wooly bugger crawdad. make sure to use trailer hooks if you do use long plastic trailers. A great place to get some awesome bass, pike and musky lures is blackfly lures.” I’m not affiliated with them at all just love his products.” I might also add there very inexpensive.

Oops !
How could I forget Spinner Baits & Topwater Buzz Baits.(with trailer hooks).
SpinnerBaits you can work the whole water colum, Great Search Bait.
& Weedless Punch Baits on braided line, No Leader !
Great suggestions !

Give the smaller whopper plopper a try . We use the big one for Muskies and catch 4 and 5 lb Bass on them . I have the smaller sizes they work well on smallies .

River 2 Sea, Whopper Ploppers, come in 3 sizes,
Large & Medium are good for Muskies & Pike.
Medium & Small are good for Pike & Bass, amongst other things
They tend to lay a little sideways due to the prop.
This can be altered with a small piece of adhesive lead tape on the left underside to help balance it.

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