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Saugeen Shores (River)

19 June 2017 - 08:04 PM

Hi there,


I have been visiting saugeen shores for a few weekends to catch some fish but to no avail. I intend on catching trout and therefore mainly use spoons because i can cast them far enough into the river. I have used a few different colors. red devil, white perch, orange with dots. I would use more crankbaits but they are all too light and therefore i cannot cast them far enough. I mainly fish from either the pier or the shoreline. I eventually get bored and try for pike or anything that will hit by using spinner baits but I haven't had one nibble. Have even dropped jig heads with white mister twister worms and tried jigging for walleye.  


Does anyone have advice? is there a better place along the river to fish for pike? trout? musky? walleye?

are there particular lures that work best here? specific colors? 

Is there an overall better location that i should be traveling to?

Better time of day? time of year?


There are always people out here and i don't really see them catching anything either. any advice would be great.