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In Topic: Looking for thoughts on adjusting to changing river conditions

14 September 2017 - 11:49 AM

Somehow I figured that the sections of the river that tend to stay cool and clear most of the time would always hold fish. I tried to find some softer water but it was actually hard to find, the volume / flow was such that it was fairly fast in most places, except in some tight spots close to the banks behind a branch following the bank on slight angles downstream (looks like someone even put pieces of wood in to hold the branches in place here and there. There was an odd boulder sticking out here of there, though with the really clear water, I couldn't get close enough without spooking fish to dangle it behind the boulders, and casting to them was near impossible, with decent currents wrapping around them and meeting not far behind... there were a couple of holes that had more consistent flows with decent depth to float something for a few sec, but nothing was interested.  The two I hooked worth mentioning were both in deeper darker sections on the back of turns or chutes with a branch providing cover, but the water was quite fast in front of the branch, and with the clear water, it was difficult to get a drag free float of a nymph from a few meters away... guess I made the best of it.
I'm thinking that next time I should try using an indicator instead of watching my line, and a splitshot to get it down quicker, as I was relying on slack to get the nymphs to drift down naturally (perhaps water was too fast for that).  Perhaps also doing a double nymph setup with a smaller one trailing behind a decent sized beadhead, to increase my chances. (though that tends to get more snags as well it seems, especially closer to branches in deeper chutes).