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In Topic: My first Muskie.... video

Yesterday, 09:17 PM

Congratulations. Nice trip

In Topic: Went to war with this female.

Yesterday, 09:16 PM

Dramatic video. I did enjoy it a lot. Thank you for sharing.

In Topic: Kayak mods

Yesterday, 08:42 PM

Here is couple of links for wind and weather monitoring https://weather.gc.c...11&siteID=08207


Here is the navigation maps https://webapp.navio...&key=ovsiGvt}{M

In Topic: Kayak mods

14 July 2019 - 12:22 PM

There is no limits to perfection :) Great job following your passion. Better pictures would be definitely nice.
Reminds me of a joke " Our jumbo plain has two bars, movie theater sauna and swimming pool on-board. Now please fasten your seat belts and we will try to take off with all this crap."
Don't take it as a criticism please. I myself is a proponent of minimizing the amount of tackle on my yak. On another hand I do have two down-riggers on :D
today's trip68a68b1276060834.jpg

In Topic: Canada day chrome

06 July 2019 - 10:17 AM

Great video Chrome nice fish. I wish I was able to get on the water that day. the weather was perfect.