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In Topic: A revolution in Rod component layout & design

08 February 2019 - 12:10 PM

If done correctly, Yes that absolutely true,

So many people don't understand the details,

(Even to the extent of winding line on their reels backwards & telling you
Your nuts it doesn't matter the coiling line will always happen) LOL

Have you tried ATC Microwave ?

Tight lines


I've tried them just to see if they bring  anything extra to a rod than a KR Concept guides system and find out that the only extra thing was extra weight.  In my opinion, they were design to achieve the same performance as a KR concept system but in a slightly different way  and with less headache for the rod builder  while placing them. For a beginner in rod building, they are a more convenient option but , for an experienced one, in my opinion Fuji's system is better because it is more flexible in design with less weight. Specially when you build finesse jigging rods for walleye and crappie I find Microwave to be too big and too heavy for the job.  

The only threat to Fuji's supremacy when we talk about guides, in my opinion might be the similar system offered by Seaguide which have better pricing and a wider range of  frame -insert combinations. I said might be  because I am about to test some soon so don't really know the quality yet. 

In Topic: A revolution in Rod component layout & design

15 January 2019 - 11:39 AM

It is a (already old) revolution  and remains the best guide  placement system on the market to this day when done correctly . It really makes a difference in spinning rods  and especially in jigging or soft plastics rods.  

In Topic: How to tie a leader to a main line

15 January 2019 - 11:30 AM

Uni to uni knot is not the  fastest (in my opinion) nor the strongest  and when we talk about  leader , maintaining the as much as possible the line internal resistance to traction is a key factor.  Therefore, a strong knot is better then a quick knot because you never know when you hook into a PB. You can find in the  link a top of best knots to tie a leader  :



My personal  favorite remains the (improved) FG knot  as a good  time spent tying/ strength rapport.