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Need help with lure shopping list for St. Lawrence

27 June 2019 - 08:56 AM

Hey folks,


In about 3 weeks I am heading to Gananoque to fish the St. Lawrence for 4 days from a pontoon boat.  I'm primarily a fly fisherman and a casual panfish/largemouth bass fisherman so my tackle box is typically geared toward that.  I am currently unprepared for fishing a large river for smallmouth, pike, and walleye.


I am set with rods and reels and 10lb line spooled up with a handful of wire leaders for the toothy fellas.  But I am not sure what lures and rigs to pick up to have the best fishing experience.  If anyone could throw some ideas out I would appreciate it.  The more specific the better.  I have not shopped for spin lures in a long time so I am way out of the loop.  I am heading to a Cabelas near me this weekend to make my final purchases.


In addition, I will have my 10yo son with me who would love to lay into the perch and other panfish.  I am assuming worms might be the best solution for him but if I'm wrong I'd love to hear it.  Thanks folks!  Been looking forward to this trip for a while.


Help planning fishing trip for me and my 10 year old

28 January 2019 - 11:29 AM

My son is big into fishing now but he's still learning.  We hit the panfish ponds around here but we are looking to venture into Ontario to really get him into a bunch of fish.  Bass, walleye, pike, etc. I've been kind of looking at Gananoque area on the river, that seems promising but lack of boat is potentially an issue.  


Does anyone know where a dad and his son can stay for a few days and catch and release some decent fish?  I'm not opposed to a day of chartered fishing but I think a boat rental might be a little too costly with lodging, food, fuel, etc.  Just want to get my kid into a bunch of fish and show him a good time.  Not after size, rather would like quantity over quality due to his age and somewhat shorter attention span.  Would love any suggestions.  Thank you!