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Some Awesome Laker action


We decided to make a trip to Northern Manitoba in pursuit of our very first Lake Trout.
Day 1 - we felt we were looking for a needle in a haystack. Such a big lake but big fish - where are they? We start fishing a reef for some small ones and started picking some random spots and see if we could get into something.
Day 2 - we got out super early and we chose to look for spots by drifting between 45 - 60 FOW. We played close attention to our electronics and saw lots of suspended marks but it seems the bigger fish were tight at the bottom. We explored the lake a bit more for more waypoints.
Day 3 - it was like a final showdown. We went out much early this time. We went back to a spot where we marked the fish the most and surely enough - we were rewarded with monsters to take photos with.

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