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Mar 25 2013 12:39 PM | pwadm in Ontario Fishing

Welcome to Ontario Fishing Forums - the ultimate resource for all Ontario anglers.

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Cook's Bay Ice Fishing. Jumbo Perch caught by an OFF member.

Whether you are visiting or call Ontario home, you will find our forum a great, and friendly place to
discuss anything related to fishing.
Join to share fishing techniques, pictures, discuss products or talk with other members on our live chat.
Our priority is to foster friendships, share, enjoy, and preserve the value of the resource for future

We welcome all who wish to participate. Join Now!

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Mar 20 2016 11:49 AM | Guest in From the forum

Hopefully everyone is making the most of the warm “winter” we have had so far and have been able to find some open water to make some drifts. If not, no stress, the spring is right around the corner!

Those of you who know us at Fishheads Canada know we are big on Catch and Release. With the success of our Fall Release Shot Photo Contest, we figured we would launch it again this spring, bigger and better than before!!!

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Cambridge -Grand River

Welcome! 04 Jun 2020
Hey everyone, i hope you all are staying safe. Im currently new to the site and i'm looking to get some valued advice. Im from the KW area more so cambridge. Ive been fishing the grand for some time but ive only had luck in catching a few bass. I used to go in preston by the beer store any behind...
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What do you call this old rolling rod.

Fishing Gear Talk and DIY Corner 04 Jun 2020
I grew up using this type of rod and reel for trolling lake trout. We called it flat lining. We called the rods banjo rods. What is the proper name for these rods. Thanks for help
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New Member Looking For Help

Welcome! 31 May 2020
Hey everyone,    Avid (amateur) Fisherman here! I've been out in Alberta for ages and have now moved back to Ontario. I've picked up a 14ft aluminum tracker with a 9.8 Merc on it. But I'm afraid I have NO IDEA where I'm going!    I live in Brant County . . .not too far from Ca...
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Fishing G Ross Lord or Marita Payne Pond

GTA Urban Shore Fishing 28 May 2020
Hi,   I'm new here and am looking for places to work on my fishing skills before bass season opens.  I've read old posts about these 2 places, but nothing in the last few years.  Does anyone still fish at G Ross Lord or Marita Payne?  Is there still fish there?   Thanks!
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Alder Lake Pike??

General Fishing Discussion 24 May 2020
Ive heard alder lake in New Dundee has pike from a local... said it was a few years back though. I know a huge carp die off happened (did not affect the bass,sunfish, etc, "apparently") so that shouldnt affect pike if they are in there..? does anybody have confirmation there are?
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