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Float-fishing: 10 tips for catching more steelhead

May 09 2015 11:48 PM | rick james in From the forum

Hey guys, I'm by no means the best trout angler but I've been around the rivers for over 25 years and I guess I've learnt a thing or two along the way. I've noticed there's a few newbies on the forum requesting tips and in the spirit of goodwill I tho...

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CRAA Volunteer Events for Spring 2013

Apr 13 2013 11:05 AM | John from CRAA in From the forum

April 1 to April 26th – Norval fish lift and adult steelhead transfer (this is ongoing now) April 21 – Glen Williams Tree Planting (Hancock Farm and Nursery work – 10th Line and Old School Road) (9 AM start) http://maps.google.c...sp=0&sz=16&...

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Inflated Worms for Steelhead

Steelhead and Salmon Fishing Today, 02:06 PM
Hey everyone. I tried inflated worms for steelhead the last couple years and had my best year yet this past spring. I know there are other options but not sure what else might work as good for me. Usually fishing in small creeks/rivers. Anyone got any thoughts? Also, just wanted to share this vid...
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Top Water Frog Lure

General Fishing Discussion Today, 01:56 PM
Hey guys. So normally I fish the regular style frog with a soft body and twin hooks on the back and it has worked good. Just curious if anyone has tried the hybrid frogs in this FFTROU video? They have weedless treble hooks which I have not tried yet. But it's interesting that it can be a multi p...
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Salmon lures

General Fishing Discussion Yesterday, 11:57 PM
Hey all- I’m planning on going to bowmanville creek and the rouge river this weekend for some salmon, as this is my first time I was curious of what lures and baits might work, I don’t want to snag any of them because I believe it’s unsportsmanlike and unfair to the fish. Any recommendations woul...
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Hard Carpin' on Rice Lake - Day 2

Ontario Fishing Reports 13 Sep 2018
Hello, here is the second video of HARD CARPIN' taken on the carpy shores of RIce Lake!  There is still one more video coming after this.  Enjoy!   Hard Carpin' - Rice Lake, Ontario - DAY 2 Of 3 - May... Video Hard Carpin' - Rice Lake, Ontario - DAY 2 Of 3 -...
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Quick Help - South Ontario Tribs

Steelhead and Salmon Fishing 08 Sep 2018
Ladies and Gentlemen,   I have a quick request: I have time tomorrow morning to hit a river and throw some hardware from a pier at any salmon that is interested. But I also have time to go to the range and shoot some clays. I'd love to do both.   I've never fished any of the tribs on th...
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