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Naming Rivers and other forum rules

Apr 03 2013 07:11 PM | GoodenTight in From the forum

Naming Rivers: The naming of any specific river or tributary is not permitted in the publicly viewable general discussion forum. Instead, please refer to the river by the general area it is located, ie “East Trib”, “West Trib”, “GB (Georgian Bay) Trib”...

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Headline - Dove crashes into window - chased by...

Mar 31 2013 10:12 PM | NOTTA STEELER in From the forum

I wanted to go fishing on a Sunday but that didn't happen . I was at home wishing for the river would drop , when a loud BANG was heard . I rushed to the window at the front of my home , only to see a lifeless Morning dove on it's back on the front dec...

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Legend 16.6 all sport

Ontario Fishing News, Current Events and Publications 20 Sep 2020
I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask but I’m running out of option!  Does anyone know the dimensions of the in floor gas tank on a 16.6 legend all sport it a 2005 
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Forum newbie

Welcome! 20 Sep 2020
Hi my name is Don! I’m obviously new on this forum! I do most of my fishing out of Port Credit, Lady O! hopefully everyone has had a decent year Fishin! I myself did ok until the bottom end went for a crap on my merc mid season and was unable to find parts! Oh well next year is a new year! Cheers...
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Favourite fishing memory of 2020 (so far)

General Fishing Discussion 13 Sep 2020
Hard to imagine, but the summer is winding down. Sitting on my couch on a rainy Sunday has me thinking about some of the best fishing moments I've had this open water season so far.    With lots of good fish caught and many species it can be tough to pick the best one, but for me on a h...
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Buy/Sell/Trade 04 Sep 2020
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