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Naming Rivers and other forum rules

Apr 03 2013 07:11 PM | GoodenTight in From the forum

Naming Rivers: The naming of any specific river or tributary is not permitted in the publicly viewable general discussion forum. Instead, please refer to the river by the general area it is located, ie “East Trib”, “West Trib”, “GB (Georgian Bay) Trib”...

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Headline - Dove crashes into window - chased by...

Mar 31 2013 10:12 PM | NOTTA STEELER in From the forum

I wanted to go fishing on a Sunday but that didn't happen . I was at home wishing for the river would drop , when a loud BANG was heard . I rushed to the window at the front of my home , only to see a lifeless Morning dove on it's back on the front dec...

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Micro fishing in Peterborough county and Northumberland c...

Welcome! 17 Feb 2020
I'm looking for places to go fishing for fish that are smaller than 4 inches in the Peterborough to Northumberland county area.
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Greetings from Hamilton

Welcome! 16 Feb 2020
Hi, New here. I’m from Hamilton, Ont. I actually came across this forum while looking for information on Kayak fishing. I just purchased an Old Town topwater 120 at the Toronto boat and fishing show today. Can’t wait to get it out on the water.
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Ice fishing rice lake

General Fishing Discussion 09 Feb 2020
Looking to do some ice fishing on rice lake. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the general direction of somewhere convenient to park that isn't too far from decent fishing water. I'll be traveling by foot and hoping to bring my girlfriend and her son. So I'm just trying to a avoid going t...
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New Member

Welcome! 02 Feb 2020
Morning    I have never used this format to communicate , So here I go , I have been fishing all over Ontario for 40 years , just retired and looking for a fishing buddy with a passion similar to my own  . I enjoy ice fishing , have snowmobiles and sleds to haul gear  , Eskimo...
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Quebec fishing

General Fishing Discussion 21 Jan 2020
Have a week rental in March in val de monts specifically on lac st-pierre about 39 m8n from ottawa. Looking to do some icefishing, ideally for walleye, crappie trout or whitefish. Can anyone give me any info on st-pierre or any lakes in that general area that may be worth a try? Also would like...
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