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Ministry Guidelines on Proper Fish Handling

Mar 28 2013 09:58 AM | Nick Evans in From the forum

Here is some tips on releasing musky. MCI Muskie Fishing Catch & Release Tips The ability of future generations to enjoy species of fish like the muskellunge is based in part, on catch and release fishing today. The quality of the fishery depends...

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Eye on The River

Mar 27 2013 12:24 AM | salmotrutta in From the forum

Got the chance to stop on the side of the road and examine a trib today, to get a much overdue glance at the water. Around this time of year, it is commonplace for me and I'm sure many anglers to take a walk and observe spawning fish in closed sections...

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New to forum

Welcome! 22 Jul 2021
Hello all, new to the forum but not new to fishing. Love it all, river, lake, pond, quarry, you name it if it involves water and fish, I'm in.
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Kayak fishing

Fishing Gear Talk and DIY Corner 18 Jul 2021
Anybody kayak fish in the mississauga area or GTA?
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Is fishing at Wolffang Scout Park in Kincardine allowed?

General Fishing Discussion 15 Jul 2021
Sorry if this is not the right area to post this my apologies in advance. I was going to try fishing at Wolffang Scout Park in Kincardine as it looked like a decent place to try but then I seen a sign saying something about commercial boats and markers, So I didn't bother trying to fish there bec...
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Incredible pike strike captured on drone!

General Fishing Discussion 29 May 2021
Hey Guys!    My buddy and I had a really amazing pike opener this year. I was lucky enough to capture one of the bigger fish chasing down a lure and inhale it on my drone!   Been a tough year in general for pike, been seeing tons of giants in the shallows but have been having a tou...
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Golf course fishing in the Waterloo Region

General Fishing Discussion 18 May 2021
With the shutdown of golf courses due to the current lockdown, i've been out fishing previously un-accessible golf course ponds. Some decent results but nothing consistent.   Curious if anyone else has tried or had previous success at any golf courses in the Waterloo Region (or within a...
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